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दिल्ली बेली (Delhi Belly Movie)

दिल्ली बेली (Delhi Belly)

Movie length: 100 minutes

Certificate: A

फिल्म के विषय में (Movie Pofile)

प्रोडकशन हाउस (Production house):

Aamir Khan Productions, Ferocious Attack Cow, UTV Motion Pictures

रिलीज़ तिथि:


शैली :

Comedy, Crime, Drama

संक्षिप्त सारांश (Story Summary)

Delhi-based Sonia agrees to deliver a package for Vladimir Dragunsky and asks her rather unkempt and debt-ridden fiancé, Tashi Malhotra, to do it for her. Tashi, in turn, asks one of two of his room-mates, Nitin. But Nitin forgets to do so due to an upset stomach ailment commonly known as 'Delhi Belly' as well as his plan to blackmail their landlord, Manish and asks the third roommate Arup to del Read More

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