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(Love Shagun Movie)

 (Love Shagun)

Movie length: 120 minutes

फिल्म के विषय में (Movie Pofile)

स्टार कास्ट (Star Cast):

(Anuj Sachdeva), , , (Vikram Kochhar),

निर्देशक (Director):

(Saandesh Nayak)

लेखक (Writer):

विवेक क रावत (Vivek k Rawat)

रिलीज़ तिथि:


शैली :

Comedy, Romance

संक्षिप्त सारांश (Story Summary)

Love Shagun is a romantic comedy about seven different definitions of love where the definitions are the characters themselves. This film encompasses the menial insecurities of today's youth and different emotional scenarios. 'Respect' is one of the key aspects and Love Shagun reinforces the importance of respect for each other in a relation. But at the same time, Love Shagun gives a crucial messa Read More

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